Go Green. Mission Blue.

Our mission is to become the global leader in development and supplier of various EKKO-friendly products.

We have taken a leading role in the research and development of high performance alternatives and are working with a number of leading institutes and research centres to develop alternative materials, find renewable feedstocks and use innovative new technologies to achieve this objective. To enable us to do this research effectively, we have created EKKO Group Incorporation, which supports sustainability programs for EKKO Motors, EKKO Com, EKKO Green and EKKO Home. Our solution is to disrupt environmental hazards and provide alternative items that decompose naturally with no harmful effect and empower the ecosystem.

With a strong focus on protecting the environment, and the stricter regulations all businesses face today, it’s more important than ever to create and bring awareness on alternative resources. All of our innovative products are designed to enrich the environment from the choices we can make in our everyday lives. We aim to empower you with simple, direct information on green alternatives which make a real, lasting difference.